Meet Alex and Peggy

So, here is the part where we talk about ourselves and try to impress you.


I’m Alex and that is my beautiful wife, Peggy. We have two kids named Jonah and Charlotte and a little dog named Sadie.


We are extremely grateful to have a thriving business. This is one of the greatest industries to be in and we also believe we partner with one of the greatest companies.


We are also fortunate to have risen through the ranks and be at the top of our marketing plan with a healthy 6-figure income.


During that time, we have impacted hundreds of lives indirectly and many directly through our personal leadership and mentoring.


We feel fortunate and believe we have one of the closest organizations you will ever find.


And, we would not be where we are today without the people above and below us who help us grow every day.


However, it wasn’t always like this and for the longest time we worried about our family’s future.

Our Story

Almost 7 years ago we were a struggling military family just looking to be able to make ends meet and put food on the table.


Peggy and I also felt like we lost our identities somewhere along the way. Me more so than her.


You see, I left a pretty lucrative career in real estate to serve in the military. Although, it was a noble gesture and honorable pursuit I just felt ashamed that I couldn’t provide for my family with basic needs.


We were also struggling with our health. Long hours at work and a stressful home environment didn’t help the cause.


Peggy was suffering from heart arrhythmias, our daughter had severe constipation, our son had eczema, and I was extremely exhausted and dealing with GI issues.


The culminating event for our decision to make a serious change was my father’s stroke.


He was the epitome of what a grandfather should be – dressed like Santa Claus for Christmas, always wanted the grandkids over to the house and went to every activity that our kids participated in.


In a blink of an eye our family’s life changed.


We were worried.


Peggy and I both looked at each other and realized we had to change.


We were becoming our parents.


You see my parents did well financially but made some mistakes with their money and their health.


Have you ever took a step back to look at your finances and realized that although you make good money on paper you never seem to have enough at the end of the month?


We just knew we didn’t want to live this way anymore. We didn’t want to live paycheck to paycheck. We didn’t want to leave this earth before we felt we have made a huge impact and created a legacy.


After reading this last statement it sounds so cliche’ but it’s the truth.


We just didn’t buy into the idea that we had to work for the next 40 years at a job that we were miserable at and then live on a measly retirement.


The truth is, it will cost a small fortune to be able to retire comfortably, all the while working for someone else and making them rich.

SO WHY Am I talking about all this and what’s the point?

My wife and I both started wondering is there more to life than waking up every Monday morning.


I know you’ve probably heard this stuff before.


Quit your job, work for yourself and make all your dreams come true.


It’s not all unicorns and rainbows but definitely worth it and definitely doable.


We found our business through Peggy’s best friend. It was the answer to everything we were looking for.


It was not a get-rich-quick scheme. It was hard work and late nights. But we dug in and we’re determined to fix our health and our families financial future.


We put in 4 hard working years to be able to get back 40.

So What Happened After We Built A Solid Team

team photo
Peggy built this business the old fashioned way. I feel it has a lot to do with how you approach this business, your determination, your consistency and the company you align yourself with.


You also have to have 100% belief in the products and the company.


But, what happens when you’ve run out of people to talk to.


Or, when you have family responsibilities and other obligations that always seem to creep up.


This is what happened to us.


Although, we’ve always had some momentum in our business and our business was continuing to grow, we knew we needed to find a better way to truly make this work.


Neither one of us mind working. We have built this business to work around our schedules but we knew we had to find a better system to allow us to continue to grow.


That’s when we found a way that made attracted people to us.


You need to find a system that allows you to create activity and allow people to approach you.


Most network marketers struggle with finding people to talk to. It’s a huge struggle.


But, we figured out a way to be able to leverage systems to allow us to build more effectively.


This is where we needed to be able to help other struggling network marketers learn a system to allow them to get in front of more people either online or offline.


This is still a people business and you should care who you place into your organization.


But, you have to start making connections with people and I firmly believe that the internet is a great way to leverage time and money.


I hope this helps and resonates with you.


As for now, Peggy and I welcome you and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have.


Read here to learn how we are building our business online.


To Your Success,
Alex and Peggy