Social media is one of the most efficient and budget-friendly methods of getting your name and brand out there.

Yet I must confess something. I’m appalled by how some people use it.

Yes, cue the audience gasps. For all its user-friendly tools and resources, all its targeting and segmentation and content marketing features right there at your fingertips, there still is a right and a wrong way to use social media.

Especially when it comes to promoting your business.

Facebook has only been popular for a while but people haven’t really been using it correctly in promoting their brand or business.

I was guilty of it

When I began my network marketing business, I was so excited to use Facebook. I came out guns a-blazing, wanting to take full advantage of what I saw as an opportunity for free advertising

I have the chance to connect with so many people, I excitedly thought. To share my products, my message, my story, when and how I want.

Plus, it cost me nothing.

It was too tempting to shout my business from the Facebook rooftop. I was dead set on attracting the right kind of people through sharing my message. I believed in my company, in my story, so I dove right in.

I posted about my business left and right. I shared and re-shared my website link, described my services down to their core. I was telling my Facebook audience exactly what I was doing,  spilling all my information out there at once. (Keep in mind – this was when I first started)

Can you guess what happened?

As I continued to post over and over and over about my products, day in and day out, people started to hide me from their timelines.


Quite the reality check, right?

People are not on Facebook to shop. If they want to buy something, they go to Amazon or eBay or a specific retail website – not Facebook.

So why are people on Facebook?

Turns out, research has a lot to say about this. Namely, that people turn to social media sites like Facebook to:

  1. Build relationships.
  2. Catch up and stay in touch with friends and family.
  3. Feel a social connection, be a “part of a tribe.”
  4. Reinforce their sense of place and overall belonging.

It’s not hard to unpack what’s going on here. We turn to platforms like Facebook because we’re social creatures. At the end of the day, we all just want to belong.

And that, my friend, is the right way to use social media.

Don’t ruin network marketing

Social media is a dream come true for network marketers — but only if done well.

It’s a platform where you reach target audiences directly, cheaply, and conveniently. It has platforms for videos, photos, text, quizzes, polls, and more. It has tools to track engagement and segment viewers – all so your business can learn, adapt, and grow.

Yet hands down, the number one mistake network marketers make – the very same mistake I did – is emphasizing their business, not themselves.

There’s no quicker buzzkill to your networking efforts than, well, bad networking. And the key to networking is to be yourself.

If you want to share your business, share it through your lifestyle. Share it through your everyday moments, through your personality, through what makes you tick each and every day.

Instead of blunt advertisements or “salesy” product pitches, people can smell from a mile away, build off and use relationships with your friends and colleagues. You don’t need to share what company you’re associated with, you don’t need to post what products you sell. You don’t need to blast discounts and flash sales and holiday specials.

You just need to be you. Unique, real you.

That’s successful network marketing 101.

So what should I post then?

You might be asking yourself this very question.

You’re saying: I get it, Peggy. If I want to use social media and network marketing successfully, I can’t be a boring old salesperson.

I have to be my authentic self, connecting with people and sharing pieces of life in warm and real ways.

Yet I don’t want to take advantage of friends and family – and I don’t want to be taken advantage of myself.

How exactly do I do this? How do I promote a brand without looking like I’m promoting a brand?

You’ve come to the right place, my friends. Because over the years, I’ve developed two tried-and-true rules to address this exact question.

Social media golden rule number 1:

Post about and only about your lifestyle and how the product you’re offering is genuinely changing that life.

Social media golden rule number 2:

Here’s the catch: Don’t mention the product. Let it come through naturally, gleaned from your family pictures, activities, and lifestyle.

Start with this mindset, and I guarantee people will come to you.

Network marketing through social media doesn’t stop there

As a network marketing professional, we need to help one another. We need to learn from our networking mistakes and share our stories about social media strategies, for better or worse.

Otherwise, we’re talking the talk but hardly walking the walk.

I’ve shared my social media golden rules above. Yet there are so many other tactics and mantras I’ve seen my fellow network marketers employ – and with tremendous results.

Stop spamming  

Even if you’re passionate about your business, stop bombarding your audience by posting multiple times a day. I can’t say this enough.

Your page is often your only line of contact with prospects and leads, and this means you only have so many chances to make a good impression. If you’re posting left and right, up and down, blitzing and sharing and saturating their feeds multiple times a day, you’re going to exhaust the very folks you want to reach.

Be smart. Be strategic. Build a network marketing content calendar that outlines your ideas, and post varied and creative materials that only reflect your life, not your products. And do so with the personality and charm you would in person, never directly selling anything.

Learn how Facebook works

Facebook functions on algorithms. That means it scans and collects everything you do on it – what you post, what your friends post, everyone you follow, each group you belong to, every Facebook page you’ve ever liked or visited. Facebook’s algorithms use this to dictate who sees your content and who doesn’t. If you start posting about your company over and over again, they’ll see and know you’re advertising.

Facebook’s algorithms also recognize who interacts with your posts (who likes, reacts, shares, and comments). Over time, they can even filter your posts to be seen only by those people — the ones already engaging. You run the risk of completely missing the very people you’re trying to target Worse-case scenario, because of this, people may report or even block you, and Facebook may shut down your account without further word.

Add value to people’s lives

No matter what you’re selling, what service you’re offering, what opportunities you’re trying to build, you need to provide value for people.

Posting a picture of your product is not providing value for people. Listing services are not providing value for people. Social media is not a billboard. Don’t use it like one.

You want to be trusted. Trust is earned through relationships. Take time to know your audience, and only share your products or services directly if you truly believe it will help them.

Other social media no-no’s

Automatically adding people to your Facebook groups to solely sell your product. I know people who’ve done this. Just don’t.

Privately messaging someone about products. Again, just don’t.This one happens to me daily on both Instagram and Facebook.

Posting products like a billboard. This is the quickest way to kill your social media network marketing. It breaks all the rules we’ve outlined above and will derail all your hard work — yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrows.    

You can master social media network marketing once and for all

There are billions of people using social media. That’s billions of people we can reach out to and connect with.

Realistically, we can only impact so many lives. Yet with social media and network marketing, that impact has a new and previously unheard of ripple effect. We can impact so much more with our messages, with our companies, with our goods and services,  whatever we’re aiming to provide.

Social media is too important to be an afterthought.

If you’re not using social media the right way, then you are selling yourself short (and I’m sorry, but you’re way behind the times).

Social media is where people are today. They’re online, they’re networking, they’re liking, sharing, and connecting. It’s time for you to be, too.

If you want to see how we can help.

There’s a right way to be a social media network marketer, and there’s a wrong way. There’s a formula for your most effective Facebook lead strategy, a series of tools to get you there, and a wealth of content marketing knowledge and analytics folks spend years studying (and major bucks learning).

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To your success,

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We are Alex and Peggy Rivera and we help network marketers dominate their business by using online and offline methods. We’ve been in this business for a little over 7 years and have built a large organization using mostly the internet.