Waking up every morning with a lie circulating in your brain is a very, very bad thing.

And when it came to lies across my journey, this one gave me ulcers:

“I have to get in front of more people today.”

I’m sure most of us have said this before. Or thought it. Or felt it. That in order to launch our business, be an entrepreneur, or make our dream career come true, we just have to reach out to more people.

But guess what?
It’s a lie.
And a huge one at that.

You've Just Got To Get In Front Of More People

It caused me to spend untold hundreds of hours on Facebook, looking to see if anyone would allow me to open a conversation with them. It caused me to spend untold hundreds of hours on the phone, trying to set up appointments.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many inspirational posts I came up with, designed, and scheduled to hear crickets on the other side.

It also caused me to owe staggering amounts of money to Aunt Visa and Uncle Mastercard.

Here’s the truth:

If you are nothing more than a “salesman,” then nobody wants to see you.


The way we buy and sell has changed

Nobody is jazzed about having an awkward discussion about whether they’re going to buy something or not.

Maybe 100 years ago they were when face-to-face selling was often the only way to find out about a new product or service.

Not anymore.

If you want to know the price of a house you drove by, you look it up online. You can find out what it’s worth even if it’s not for sale.

Heck, you can find information online for almost any product or service these days. Plus reviews, videos, price comparisons, testimonials, and more.

All from real, non-salesy folks like you.

Isn’t that a lot easier and safer than inviting a real estate agent over for tea and crumpets (and wondering what tricks they have up their sleeves)?

Now let’s get one thing straight: the issue is NOT that careers like real estate agents are obsolete.

Rather, in today’s sales world, you have to stop and ask yourself:

1) Is the internet working FOR the agent, or AGAINST her?

2) Does she add LEGITIMATE VALUE to what the customer can already get from the internet? Is she positioning herself such that customers who are ready to do something see her as a valuable resource AND call her when it’s time to act? Or is she just a friendly face who wants the listing?

Our real estate agent must clearly and strategically position herself online. She must show she can drastically speed the buying or selling process and make it easier for the buyer/seller to get what they want.

Obviously, you can see this will also apply to network marketing, too.

You've Just Got To Get In Front Of More People

How to set yourself apart

Okay. You get it. A successful “sale” is not just a game of numbers. It doesn’t sacrifice quantity over quality, or a race to the checkout line. It takes focus and commitment, plus an online presence that proves value from start to finish.  

So how do you demonstrate that you, as a salesperson, make your customers’ lives easier? That time spent with you is time well spent?

I’ll tell you how.

In your marketing, you focus on their problems, not your solution.

You focus on the itch, not the scratch.

Sound simplistic?

Perhaps, Yet that’s the genius of this idea — and hardly anybody does it.

If you have doubts, just pick up any magazine and flip through it. Ask yourself as you look at the ads:

“Is this ad about my problem, or is it about somebody’s product?”

You shouldn’t be surprised. Nearly every time,  it’s about their cool, special, amazing, one-of-a-kind, gotta-have-it product.

Nobody cares. It’s white noise.

At the end of the day, people just want to solve their problems.

You've Just Got To Get In Front Of More People

It’s time to be a game changer

So here’s the shift. And it’s major.

Instead of being that salesperson trying to get in front of everyone, become a problem solver.

You are an information source. A resource of knowledge and empathy committed to your customers, to helping them achieve their wants and dreams.

You tailor your website and social media accordingly. You produce videos, blog posts, online tools, how-to guides, digital resources. You get folks to read or watch and say, “Wow, this person really gets me.”

You make that connection, and you’ll get five times as many sales and leads.

This is no joke.

After all, you’ve just provided information that helps solve their problem. The next logical step is for them to meet with you.

They call you-you don’t call them.

Now you’ve “walked” through their door as a problem solver, not a peddler.

I call this whole process Information Marketing.

It’s THE fundamental concept in our marketing approachand we want to bring it to you.

Information marketing will literally change the way you do business.

  • It revamps your value. Use Google and Facebook to brand yourself an industry expert, a resource, an indispensable tool.
  • It brings you leads. Gone are the long days of cold calls, emails, and door-to-door pitches. Leads find you online and seek you out. They’re already at the edge of their seats, ready to engage with you.
  • It changes the way you see yourself — and your business. You are not a salesperson. You are not preaching or self-aggrandizing. You are solving problems — and building a loyal customer base every step of the way.  

It’s all possible, starting today.

See exactly how here.  

To your success,

Alex Rivera

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We are Alex and Peggy Rivera and we help network marketers dominate their business by using online and offline methods. We’ve been in this business for a little over 7 years and have built a large organization using mostly the internet.